CTC Aviation

Bordering Hamilton's International Airport is CTC Aviation's trainee pilot facility that provides training for up to 200 cadets per annum.
A purpose built centre.

CTC’s Crew Training Centre at Hamilton International Airport in New Zealand provides training facilities and accommodation for up to 200 trainee pilots and instructors annually.

The centre is based on a prime 1.8 hectare site adjacent to the airport’s main runway. The 19,000 sg ft purpose-built training centre includes 10 briefing rooms, three large lecture rooms, crew room, two simulator cells, planning and operations facilities, management and administration offices. On-site aircraft maintenance facilities support CTC’s fleet of 36 Seminole, Diamond, Robin and Alpha aircraft.



Independant European

This old automotive workshop was well overdue for a facelift, which is just what it got!

Located toward the northern end of Angelsea St, the yard and building were completely transformed from a very unsightly shed into a stylish car yard. This metamorphosis came in on time and within budget.

The existing block walls required reinforcing as they were not up to regulatory standard. The roof was completely replaced, the external yard required a new drainage system and a new sign erected - all undertaken by Crater Lake.

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The Narrows Landing

In the 1800's - the original "Narrows Landing" was a landing on the "narrow" part of the Waikato River. The Riverboats would stop here and the travellers would walk up the hill to stay overnight at the old homestead next door. One such traveller was Governor Grey - who planted seeds on the homestead orchard - these grew into the four large pear trees you see on this property today.

Brian Hermann discovered this piece of land when he was asked to remove an old hay barn from the property. Falling in love with the site under 20 magnificent Gum Trees - he persuaded his friend Mark Eman to subdivide this section from his existing 40 acres.

After due course, the subdivision was complete and building was able to commence. Wanting to establish a large home, Brian and his partner Deborah had to decide how they could best afford it. It was decided to construct the building out of old Electrocorp Pylons that had been scraped and buried. This began a three year project - employing people to weld together the steel to form the framework of the main shell as well as the windows and door frames.

Local, untreated timber has been used liberally throughout the building to create a truly rustic environment. The building has been clad in corrugated iron - a real New Zealand icon, and left unpainted.

The Narrows Landing is a classic example of how new and recycled materials can be blended to create a structure that demonstrates warmth, environmental responsibility, and functionality.

Crater Lake Developments are commited to utilising natural and recycled resources where ever possible.